Marquee Garden Wedding

Ellie & Rob


They have to be one of my more popular types of venue, so it’s a good thing I love a Marquee Garden Wedding!

There’s something lovely about a wedding taking place where someone has grown up. There’s the whole history there. Pictures of memories that made them the person they. And personally, I love to see all the pictures on their parents walls. Imagining that some of the pictures I take on their day will be there too soon :-)

Ellie and Rob were all about the fun. They wanted to keep it relaxed and kept their focus on the food, drink and entertainment. And it paid off. Hands down, it was one of the best parties of the year. From the word “go”, it kicked off and it stayed that way right till the very end.

Their band, The Salvation, did an amazing job of keeping people on the dancefloor and would highly recommend.

Enjoy these few photos of their day. If you are planning a Marquee garden wedding, get in touch.


Caterers – Portfolio events
Flowers – Once upon a time flowers
Band – The Salvation


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