My Approach

In a sea of Wedding Photographers, how on earth are you supposed to know which one is right for you?

Well, what I can do for you is communicate here what I am like on a wedding day and if you like the sound of it, that’s a good start.

When I thought about what a couples needs are on a wedding day, it became clear what my approach should be and that is, as a friend. If I’m going to be with you all day, on the best day of your lives, then I’m going to be a pretty big feature. So I want to be an AMAZING feature! I want to bring calm, smiles, fun, laughs, be useful, be friendly, be something that you can look back on and think that I really added something to your day. In any case, I never want to create or add stress.

My super organisation, efficiency, communication and my keen eye for spotting and capturing all the awesomeness means I can really deliver on everything you would want from your wedding photographer.

My style is 80% documentary. The REAL moments between people is where it’s at for me. I love them. And sure, we’ll get some couple shots too and these are done in a fun and natural way, no awkward and weird posing from me! I will just get you in some good light and we’ll have some fun. And yes, I can efficiently organise some formal group shots for you but we keep these to a minimum as they can take up a large chunk of the day otherwise. I will also capture the details you’ve spent so much time planning to tell an in-depth story of your day.

If you like the sound of that, I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch via the contact page to find out more.

“First and foremost she is a fantastic photographer, the pictures she takes are all works of art. Secondly, but just as importantly to me, Emmie is a wonderful human.”

– Jane & Paul

About Me

I simply love people. Photography is all about connecting with your subject and I love to connect with people. I don’t think I would be a photographer if it weren’t for people. I not only want to provide you with incredible images, but I want to have a great time with you and have an amazing experience.

How I Work

I like to tell the whole story. So I will be with you from early till late. Those crazy dance moves are my favourite bit! So there’s no way I missing that! I come to your wedding as though I were a guest on your day. This helps break down any barriers and guests are more likely to relax with me around.

Say Hello!

The only way you will know if a photographer is right for you is by getting in touch and having a chat. I’m always eager to build bonds with the couples I work with, so any opportunity to chat is brilliant! And if at all possible, lets head out for a drink to talk more about your plans.

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