The Best of 2015

Some days it’s easy to forget what we are working so hard for. We forget what’s special to us and on dreary days, we can forget what it is that lights our hearts on fire and brings huge smiles to our faces.

It’s important to create. Not necessarily physical things. But create time, events and opportunities to be with the people you love. By creating these, you create moments. Little sparks in your life that drive you and fill you with huge amounts of positive energy that not only fulfils you, but lights up the lives of all those around you.

I look at these images, all taken in the past year and they remind me what it is I am striving for. I don’t just want to capture moments for the awesome couples who book me, however important that is, but I also want to capture them for me.

Having scrolled through last years images, I feel overwhelmed with gratitude at the couples who have allowed me to capture their day and let me be witness to such epic, intimate and beautiful moments. I have laughed and cried and whatever may be going on in my own life, it has brought me immense joy to remember the experiences of the last year.

All I can think is, life is incredibly beautiful.

Love and happiness,

Emmie x


Stunning, really special moments, great year Emmie !!!

These are so gorgeous Emmie; so many fabulous moments captured! Absolutely loved looking through every single one!! xx

Super stunning year!!! Bring it on 2016!

Thanks for your awesome comment Tom! x

Bloody gorgeous from start to finish! Have a great 2016 you! x

Thank you so much Rob! x

Your couples seem to be an absolute mirror of your excitable and happy personality. So many awesome moments. So many perfect memories! xx

That’s an awesome comment! Thank you Toni. Really appreciate it x

Bloody Awesome work, Emmie!! Such gorgeous memories of life and love… and I adore your opening words. Well done, lady! Nxx

Beautiful selection :)

Bloody amazing Emmie!! All those moments you capture! how do you do it?

Ha! I’m a photographic ninja, didn’t you know? Thanks Toby. Although to be honest, I think I’m very lucky to have such expressive couples. x

great set of images, well done Emmie :)

Thank you very much Kris! x

Emmie, Emmie, EMMIE!! I had ALL the feels looking through these. Honestly some breathtaking shots in there, some incredible moments, your use of light is insanely good and what an incredible talent you have. 100% my favourite set of 2015 images from any photographers I’ve seen. And that’s saying something as you well know. What a lucky bunch of couples who book you. 2016 is going to be a corker, keep on smashing it my love. Xxx

That really is an amazing comment! Thank you so much Sophie. You are getting a serious squeeze on Friday! Xxx

Fab fab fab Emmie – its you all over…full of emotion and quirky craziness – love it!

Thank you so much Nadine! I’m so glad it’s got the right balance of craziness and feels! xxx

Beautiful images Emmie! So much emotion!! x

Wow! An awesome year for Emmie!!! Fabulous shots full of emotion. Xx

Absolutely amazing set Emmie!!! So many incredible moments captured in really creative ways

So many action packed moments! Will be coming back for inspiration, congrats on a great year.

Thank you Mark! The action is definitely what I look for ;) x


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